The Mantorville Opera House (Mantorville MN)

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Midwest Outer Realm Followers (formerly Parasight) on the night of Nov. 6th 2010 investigated the Mantorville Opera House in Mantorville MN.  We arrived around 8:30 p.m. and received a tour and brief history of this location.  There were said to be at least 3 entities haunting this theater.  Our investigation team consisted of George Hindley and Eric Moen.  The other team members of M.O.R.F. were not able attend this investigation.  We were hosted by 3 local observers who quietly sat by while we performed our investigation.

After setting up our equipment, George decided to investigate the basement by himself while Eric investigated the upstairs of the theater.  Approximately 30 minutes into our investigation, George was shoved/nudged by an unseen spirit, knocking him off balance while performing EVP work when he was by himself in the basement.  At approximately this same time, Eric experienced an abrupt, violent jostling of items in the hallway where we was doing his EVP work.

It was said that the spirits of this location do not cooperate with having their photos being taken.  This would seem to be the case in George’s instance.  At the time that George was shoved, he was directly in front of our night vision IR camera.  It was later determined that the camera had been turned off.  It is unexplained as to how and why the camera was turned off.

We decided to take a break after our individual experiences.  When we returned, Eric went into the balcony to retrieve an IR camera that was placed there.  As he reached the top of the stairs, he heard very distinctly the loud conversation of two men in the balcony area.  There was no one present or near the balcony when he went up there.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t recording at the time.

After Eric returned to the main floor from retrieving the camera, Eric, George, and Dave (observer) went into the basement.  This is the time when we experienced the most poltergeist activity.  As we were walking around, what sounded like a small block of wood was tossed through the air in an adjoining room.  A few minutes later, a loud crash was heard coming from the same room as before.  After investigating that location, nothing seemed out of place.  Nothing was caught on video unfortunately.  While we were working with a Frank’s box (Radio Shack hack), Eric asked if there was an entity named Eddie present.  Shortly thereafter, came the reply “Eddie” from the Frank’s box; albeit faintly.  During the time that we were down in the basement, our hosts observed the sound of footsteps in the balcony area.

When we returned to the main floor, one of our hosts reported hearing “whistling” coming from the theater.  No one was whistling at the time.  We did manage to catch this on audio tape from a tape recorder that had been placed near our hosts at the time.  Prior to this, one of our hosts reported also hearing the trappings of a faint female voice near her.

George and Eric then decided to investigate the upstairs of the theater together.  Nothing remarkable occurred while George and Eric were together upstairs other than noting erratic EMF fluctuations.  George went back downstairs briefly leaving Eric alone upstairs.  It was while George was away that Eric detected a foul smell at the top of the stairs in the hallway.  This odor lingered for about 20 seconds.  George returned upstairs to join Eric for approximately 20 more minutes.  Nothing further remarkable happened while they were upstairs.

At the time George and Eric were upstairs, the basement IR camera’s microphone picked up loud noises of something being shuffled about on the floor behind the camera.  No one was present in the basement at the time of this recording.

Eric and George returned to the basement for approximately 20 more minutes by themselves before deciding to end the investigation at approximately 12:50 a.m.

Conclusion:  A lot of things occurred during our 4 hour investigation.  At the time of the writing of this blog, no video evidence has been revealed.  We still need to review another two hours of video footage from the upstairs IR cameras.  There were no EVP’s captured outside of the reported whistling that occurred in the main theater area that one of our hosts reported hearing.    George’s being shoved marked a first for him in all of our investigations together.  Our basement camera’s audio did pick up shuffling noises while no one was in the basement.  No dramatic temperature changes were detected.  We did not capture any orbs on our digital camera.

Overall opinion of the Mantorville Opera House:  It was a very interesting visit.  In our opinion, is the Mantorville Opera House haunted?  Yes.    Midwest Outer Realm Followers would like to thank the folks who observed, and a big thank you to Paul, the owner of the Mantorville Opera House.

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